Piper Warrior III (PA28-161)


Aircraft NumberEmpty WeightEmpty MomentUseful Load
560PU1536.85 lbs.131,680.85910 lbs.
564PU1564.05 lbs.135,031.55882 lbs.

Maximum Weights

Maximum WeightsNormalUtility
Ramp Weight2447 lbs.2027 lbs.
Takeoff Weight2440 lbs.2020 lbs.
Landing Weight2440 lbs.2020 lbs.
Baggage Weight200 lbs.none



Lycoming O-320, 160BHP @ 2700 RPM. Four cylinders, direct drive, horizontally opposed, air-cooled, carburetor-equipped.


Full8 qt.
Minimum for Local Flight6 qt.
Minimum for X-Country7 qt.
Grade and TypeSummer - 100W50 wt.
Winter - 65W30 wt.

Fuel System


Approved Grades100LL (blue), 100 (green)
Total Fuel50 Gal.
Total Usable48 Gal.

System Description:

The airplane is equipped with a standard fuel system consisting of two vented fuel tanks, a fuel tank selector valve, fuel strainer, electric primer, engine driven fuel pump, auxiliary electric fuel pump, and carburetor. Fuel is pressure fed from the wing tanks to the fuel selector valve, through a fuel strainer to fuel pumps and then to the carburetor. From the carburetor, mixed fuel and air flows to the cylinders through intake manifold tubes. Usable capacity at the bottom of the indicator tab is 17 gallons.

Landing Gear and Brakes

System Description:

Landing gear is fixed in the tricycle configuration. Directional control is provided by the steerable nose wheel. Each main gear wheel is equipped with a hydraulically actuated disc bake on the inboard side of each wheel.

Tire Inflation:

Mains24 psi
Nose30 psi

Electrical System

Alternator28 volt, 60 ampere
Battery24 volt

System Description:

The battery is in a box, mounted on the forward right face of the firewall. All avionics equipment should be turned off prior to starting the engine to prevent harmful transient voltage from damaging this equipment.


Stall in Landing ConfigurationVso44 KIAS
Stall in Cruise ConfigurationVs150 KIAS
Rotate SpeedVr45 - 55 KIAS
Best Angle of ClimbVx63 KIAS
Best Rate of ClimbVy79 KIAS
Maneuvering Speed
Va88 - 111 KIAS
Flaps Extended
Vfe103 KIAS
Max Structural Cruising SpeedVno126 KIAS
Never ExceedVne160 KIAS