Flight Training for Ratings

Instrument Rating

This rating allows you to fly in instrument meteorological conditions with sole reference to aircraft instruments. Training will consist of advanced instrument operations, communications, weather, and emergency procedures. When this training has been completed, you will receive the same rating that all instrument pilots, private or professional, have obtained to operate in our intricate IFR system. With an Instrument Rating you will experience the fascination of flying through the clouds and breaking out with your destination airport directly in front of you.

  • Meteorology
  • ATC Procedures
  • Departures/Enroute/Arrivals
  • NDB Approaches
  • VOR Approaches
  • Instruments/Systems
  • Flight Planning
  • Emergencies
  • Communications
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Third Class Medical Certificate
  • Jeppesen Ground Instruction Course
  • Successful completion of FAA Instrument Pilot Knowledge Exam and FAA Practical Exam
  • Flight Experience Requirements:
    • 50 hours cross-country
    • 40 hours actual or simulated instrument time with:
      • 15 hours dual flight instruction
      • 10 hours simulator instruction
      • 3 hours test preparation

Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi-Engine Rating is one of the most exciting and rewarding ratings to achieve. This rating teaches you how to operate aircraft with more than one engine safely and efficiently.

  • Advanced Maneuvers
  • Complex Aircraft
  • Line Inspections
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Maximum Performance
  • Takeoff/Landing
  • Multi and Single Engine Instrument Approaches
    (if instrument rated)
  • Private or Commercial Certificate
  • Third Class Medical Certificate
  • Four-Hour Course on Multi-Engine Airplane Operations
  • Ten Hours of Multi-Engine Flight Training