Flight Training


Learning to fly is an accomplishment many talk and dream about, but few act on. At Purdue Aviation we have been training people to fly for over 30 years. We have watched many students show their exhilaration when they come back after landing the aircraft on their first solo, and seen the tears of joy when they receive their Private Pilot Certificate. Many of those students have gone on to make flying a profession and are now flying commercially.


Purdue Aviation, LLC is able to provide a wide selection of Pilot Certification and Rating Courses under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141 and Part 61. Instruction under FAA approved Part 141 will be a more defined path, but will allow you to receive your certificates and ratings in less time and will save you money.  Instruction under FAR Part 61 allows greater flexibility in scheduling, ground instruction and flight lesson sequence. We will be happy to help you decide which level of instruction will best serve your needs. The sample hours listed for each rating are based on the minimum hours required by the FAA. Student proficiency and learning rates vary and as a result, total hours may be greater. Purdue Aviation, LLC also offers specialized training in aircraft such as complex aircraft rating in the Cessna 172RG, multi-engine rating in the Tecnam P2006T and tail-wheel endorsement and/or seaplane rating in our Searey Elite amphibian.   This specialized training includes the safe operation of these high-performance aircraft and the proper use of the sub-systems and avionic systems installed in each aircraft.