Cessna 152


Aircraft Number Empty Weight Empty Moment Useful Load
94286 1171.9 lbs. 35530.5 499.1 lbs.

Maximum Weights (Normal and Utility)

Ramp Weight 1675 lbs.
Takeoff Weight 1670 lbs.
Landing Weight 1670 lbs.
Baggage Weight 120 lbs.
Area 1 120 lbs.
Area 2 40 lbs. - area 1 and 2 combined 120 lbs.



Lycoming O-235, 108BHP @ 2550 RPM. Four cylinders, direct drive, horizontally opposed, air-cooled, carburetor-equipped.


Full 6 qt.
Minimum for Local Flight 4 qt.
Minimum for X-Country 5 qt.
Grade and Type Summer - 100W50 wt.
Winter - 65W30 wt.

Fuel System


Approved Grades 100LL (blue), 100 (green)
Total Fuel 26.0 Gal.
Total Usable 24.5 Gal.

System Description:

The airplane is equipped with a standard fuel system consisting of two vented fuel tanks, a fuel shutoff valve, fuel strainer, manual primer, and carburetor. Fuel flows by gravity from the two tanks to the fuel shutoff valve, through a fuel strainer to the carburetor. From the carburetor, the fuel/air mixture flows to the cylinders.

Landing Gear and Brakes

System Description:

Landing gear is fixed in the tricycle configuration with a steerable nosewheel. Each main gear is equipped with a hydraulically activated single disk brake on the inboard side of each wheel.

Tire Inflation:

Mains 21 psi
Nose 30 psi

Electrical System

Alternator 28 volt, 60 ampere
Battery 24 volt

System Description:

Power is supplied to most general electrical items through a bus bar. All avionics should be switched off before start and shutdown with the exception of 94286 (It has an avionics master switch). Power is supplied to the bus bar, and a master switch controls this power to all circuits, except the engine ignitions system, clock, and hobbs meter (if installed). The hobbs receives its power through the activation of an oil pressure switch whenever the engine is operating.

Pitot-Static System

System Description:

The system is standard with either a heated or unheated pitot head under the left wing and a static port on the left nose cowling.


Stall in Landing Configuration Vso 40 KIAS
Stall in Cruise Configuration Vs1 50 KIAS
Rotate Speed Vr 50 KIAS
Best Angle of Climb Vx 55 KIAS
Best Rate of Climb Vy 67 KIAS
Maneuvering Speed 1670 lbs. Va 104 KIAS
Flaps Extended Vfe 85 KIAS
Max Structural Cruising Speed Vno 111 KIAS
Enroute Climb Speed
70 - 80 KIAS
Approach Speed Vapp 55 - 65 KIAS
Never Exceed Vne 149 KIAS
Demonstrated Crosswind Component
12 KTS